About Us

Industrial Product Innovation is
Both our Heritage and our Future

Since our inception in 1960, CBC India has been a beacon of innovation and expertise in the heavy engineering industry. From a humble team of seven to a global powerhouse, our journey has been one of relentless learning and adaptation, embracing every challenge as an opportunity to enhance the quality and efficacy of our industrial products and solutions.

Our strength lies in our global trading expertise, deep technical knowledge, robust problem-solving approach, driven by exceptional trust and reliability. This collective effort fuels our growth and success in executing significant projects.


Global Trading Expertise

Global Trading Expertise

With deep understanding of industrial products, technical specifications, and quality standards, we have built strong trading partnerships with 80+ high-quality aftermarket manufacturers and OEMs worldwide.

Deep Technical Knowledge

Deep Technical Knowledge

With a team of highly experienced engineers and industry veterans, we have successfully navigated the complexities of hundreds of large-scale engineering projects, from conception through to execution.

Robust Problem-Solving Approach

Robust Problem-Solving Approach

We approach each project with a solutions-oriented mind-set. Our team is skilled in identifying potential issues before they arise and implementing effective solutions swiftly to minimize downtime and keep projects on track.

Trust & Reliability

Trust & Reliability

We are committed to fulfil your needs with unparalleled efficiency and reliability, during critical junctures. No matter the challenge, we strive to find a solution to minimize downtime, drawing upon our deep technical understanding and vast industry experience.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing global industries, enhancing client satisfaction and building a lasting legacy, through unmatched engineering excellence. Our mission is to:

  • Drive excellence in industrial solutions, continuously exploring new frontiers to provide tailored solutions for diverse heavy engineering needs
  • Educate and enable our clients, empowering them with comprehensive knowledge to navigate complex challenges confidently
  • Cultivate international cooperation, harnessing diverse talents and expertise to deliver optimal results for our clients

Our Vision

CBC India aspires to be a global leader in engineering excellence. We aim to make a substantial impact to the engineering sector on a worldwide scale, by setting unparalleled standards in reliability, transparency, and client satisfaction.

Our Team

In the dynamic realm of industrial products and engineering solutions, the expertise demanded goes beyond the conventional. At CBC India, our people possess a multifaceted skill set honed over decades hands on experience in material handling, power transmission products, heavy duty engineering solutions and electric products. Additionally, our proficiency in project management methodologies ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

But it's not just technical prowess that sets our team apart—it's our innovative mind-set and problem-solving abilities. Our teams are adept at driving global benchmarks, process optimization, continuous improvement and innovation in engineering projects.

Through ongoing training and professional development opportunities, we empower our people to stay aligned to the latest advancements and best practices in industrial products, ensuring that CBC India remains at the forefront of engineering excellence.

Our people are more than just experts in their respective fields. They are innovators, team players and problem-solvers, with a passion for engineering excellence and delivering world-class industrial solutions for clients.