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C-Flex Mega Therm (300°C - 500°C)


C-Flex Mega Therm Conveyor Belt Test in a Iron Ore Pellet plant in Orissa India

Pellets were kept on both samples for more than 180 seconds / 3 minutes.

In this Video you will observe that Pellets with temp between 450°C - 500°C were put on both samples and Competitor's belt started fuming immediately after putting of material. No effect on Mega Therm Belt (Dark Black sample).
In this Video you will observe that Competitor's belt was in flame as soon as material was put on the belt 2nd time. Whereas, in Mega Therm Belt belt there were small flames in 3 or 4 places.



Competitor's Belt After 2nd Test

Mega Therm Belt after 2nd test


Manufactured as per International Standard: GB/T:20021(T4)