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Vee Belts

Vee Belts with it's Neoprene jacket fabric and pre stretched polyester cord are heat and oil resistant, meeting all world standards for normal static conductivity. Vee Belt are constant belts over most of the length ranges. Construction of Vee Belt. MATCH FREE or MATCHED SET belts can also be supplied to meet specific requirements
Type Top Width (MM) Height (MM) Angle ( 0 ) LENGTH (MM)
Y 6 4 40 375-3810
Z, 3L 10 6 40 200-2007
A, 4L 13 8 40 356-6000
B, 5L 17 11 40 533-13000
C 22 14 40 800-15000
D 32 19 40 1800-15000
E 38 23 40 1800-16800




High strength cable cords from the main component of power transmission. High tensile strength with a low stretch factor assures consistency throughout the life of the belt.


Specially compounded and firm compressed base rubber member to give support to the cord and designed to permit better wedging, flexing and grip around the pulley groove.


A tough high quality synthetic rubber impregnated fabric, Heat, Oil and wear resistant, it provides the resistance for an efficient drive.


Holds the tension carrying cards in place and acts as a bond to fuse the cord layer with the cushion rubber. It helps to minimise internal friction.