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Rexnord Elevator Chains - Consistently Tough

Rexnord is a pioneer in providing solutions for Power Transmission. Rexnord Elevator Chains is a part of the core offerings at CBC. We offer quality, reliable Elevator Chains that perform consistently in harsh industrial environment. Rexnord Elevator Chains are competitively priced as compared to the other equivalent products in its competition.

Rexnord Elevator Chains are readily available ex-stock and can be delivered in a sort period to ensure that you get what you need, well in time. With over a century of experience, Rexnord is a leading solution provider for almost any problem related to Power Transmission.

Rexnord Elevator Chains find application in some of the toughest work conditions.

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Some of the applications of Rex Elevator Chains include:
  • Asphalt Batch Plants
  • Paving and Road Construction
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Energy (where dust, grit, and debris are present)

Rexnord Elevator Chains meet the challenges of rigorous everyday use and provide years of trouble-free performance even in harsh working environments.

Elevator Chains are put to effective use in the following industries:
  • Stacker / Reclaimer
  • Cement
  • Iron & Steel Mills
  • Transportation
  • Automotive Industry

Elevator Chains are used to lift the dam gates that supply the hydropower that keeps the lights on for millions. Our engineered steel elevator chains, welded steel elevator chains, roller chains, and idlers come in a wide variety of types and sizes, and have been certified by numerous agencies.

Why Choose Rexnord Elevator Chains?

When it comes to providing highly engineered products, like Elevator Chains, that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide, Rexnord is the most reliable in the industry. Rexnord's commitment to customer satisfaction and superior value extends to every area of their business.