Falk Disc Flexible Coupling

  • Single Disc Flexible Coupling
  • Double Disc Flexible Coupling
  • Floating Disc Flexible Coupling
  • Disc Flexible Coupling
Disc Flexible Coupling
  • No lubrication
    No moving parts are in DISC flexible coupling therefore lubrication is not necessary.
  • Maintenance free
    All metal construction and no wearing parts need no maintenance.
  • Simple design, light weight and high torque
    Two hubs, one centre member, one disc pack and several bolts form the basic coupling DISC couplings are available in wide range of size to meet variable operation conditions.
  • WCC
    DISC_FLEX couplings are able to absorb axial, angular and parallel and parallel misalignment.
  • No backlash and high torsional stiffness
    DISC couplings allow no backlash and high torsional stiffness.
  • High performance
    High temperature does not affect the all steel construction.
  • Easy to mount and dismount
    DISC flexible couplings have small number of parts and simple construction which allow quick and easy mounting and dismounting work.
  • Safety measure
    When a severe over load may damage the coupling, the transmitting rotation will be possible through over load washer.
Falk Disc Flexible Coupling Characteristics

The shafts may be misaligned by various causes, such as heat, vibration and worn bearing, etc. When the initial alignment is not correct and heavy stress is imposed on the coupling, life time will be short. Any or all of the misalignments shown in the above illustrations are present in every connected drives.

Falk Disc Flexible Coupling Characteristics