Rexnord Cooling Tower Coupling (Rexnord® Addax® Coupling)

Rexnord is a pioneer in design and manufacture of Cooling Tower Couplings for over a century. Rexnord offers Addax® and Thomas® products for Cooling Tower Coupling applications. Floating Shaft Cooling Tower Couplings are used to connect units which are relatively far apart. Such arrangements are particularly suited to transmit power into areas where moisture, dust or corrosive conditions would adversely affect the driving machinery.

Rexnord Cooling Tower Composite Couplings are designed and manufactured specifically for Cooling Tower applications. Performance ratings and materials of construction are in accordance with the Cooling Tower (CT) Institute Standards and specifications.

Rexnord Cooling Tower Couplings are also offered in various options for materials of construction like Zinc-plated or All Stainless Steel. Thomas TSN-CT and SN couplings may be applied with a 1.5 service factor. Composite Floating Shaft Colling Tower Couplings can also be utilized to provide lighter weight, longer spans or higher speeds than can be achieved with steel tubes.

Rexnord Cooling  Towers Couplings are designed and manufactured to offer the following distinct features:

Features of Rexnord Cooling Tower Couplings:
  • Light Weight
  • Advanced Composite Couplings
  • High strength-to-weight Ratio
  • Very Low Thermal Expansion
  • High Critical Speed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ideally suited for Cooling Tower applications
Rexnord Cooling Tower Coupling Applications:
  1. Cooling Tower Fan Drives
  2. Cooling Tower Drive Shafts
  3. Paper Machine Drives
  4. Printing Presses
  5. Tunnel Exhaust Fans
  6. Combustion Fans
  7. Vertical Pumps
  8. Compressors